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Scientific Signature of God in the Qur’an

The Book appeared in the 7th century yet alludes to scientific concepts which were non-existent at the time. In fact, most of these concepts have only been unraveled in the past two centuries, some as recent as a few decades ago. Let me give you some examples to demonstrate the point. Referring to the origin of the universe, the Koran makes one of the most powerful scientific statements. Personally I regard this particular verse as the most compelling piece of evidence of the Book’s divine origin.

The Koran appeals to the atheistic mind. Do not the two major scientific discoveries of the last two centuries, i.e. the unitary origin of creation and the watery origin of life announced 1 400 years ago bear eloquent testimony to the truthfulness of the Koran and by implication His existence? The bracketed words are not my own interpretation, but are derived from other relevant verses.

Since the entire creation was contained in the initial submicroscopic singularity, this incredible mass density must have exerted a colossal gravitational force, pulling everything so to speak inwards, hence the term ‘closed up.’ Chapter 77 verse 25 makes reference to the attractive nature of gravity and chapter 15 verse 16 to the great power of the singularity which resides at the center of the black hole. One key Arabic word in chapter 21 verse 30 describes an entity which traps everything including light

Combining this information with its other meaning (absence of space), it is completely reasonable to interpret the beginning state as a black hole. Chapter 15 verse 27 refers to the fierce temperatures in the beginning. We arrive at the stunning conclusion; the closed up mass, the blackness, infinite density (no space) and the fierce temperatures are hallmarks of a singularity at the heart of a black hole – the initial state of the universe.

Could any human being have conceived such astonishing information of the origin of the universe 1 400 years ago? There is no manipulation of words and meaning. The Arabic words are precise and can be checked in any of the Arabic English dictionaries. The above verse is just one of the many hundreds of such verses in the Koran